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For information purposes, if required the MIB II High PR-I8H upgrade includes the following;
– Video Playback via SD/USB/DVD.
– Larger 8.25″ High Definition Screen.
– Touch Panel Buttons for faster searches and postcode entry.
– Compatible with Overview Camera System PR-KA6 (not included see other products or email).
– Compatible with Tv Tuner (not included see other products or email).
– Faster Operating System.
– Audi Smart Phone Interface Included (when retrofitted by us).
– All existing functions are retained including online connectivity, Google Maps, Audi Connect & Online traffic etc.
Please note: only models currently fitted with online connectivity will have this function,
unfortunately if your vehicle doesn’t have online connectivity it cannot be retrofitted.

Audi A4 Virtual cockpit change to S4 Sport Display Upgrade Look

However,This upgrade is suitable only for the following models: A4, S4, RS4 8W – 2016 onwards. A5, S5, RS5 F5 – 2016 onwards. Q5, SQ5 FY 2017 onwards. Q7 4M, SQ7 4M 2016 onwards.

Notice Audi Sport Display is only available on S and RS models from factory, however in some cases

it can be coded but is not always possible, for this reason we can only guarantee this feature on the S and RS models.

audi Q7 sport display

Before the sport layout been retrofitted

audi virtual cockpit sport mode coding

Audi Sport Display Retrofit Remote support harness

This cable is free,but before the order finished,we have to charge a margin of $300usd

which will be refund after the upgrading finished

audi q5 sport layoutAudi Virtual Cockpit Sport Display audi virtual cockpit update

Well retrofitted S4/RS4  Q5/RSQ5 sport layout display


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